2nd Bonus week for session 1 of 2021

Friday, April 16 2021 @ 07:42 PM EDT

All Team Divisions the past two weeks was the 2nd of 2 weeks this session we will have a $25 prize up for grabs. The player in each of the divisions that shoots and has the biggest improvement above there current handicap will be the winner of the $25 prize. No Forfeits or Ghost will count and you must shoot all 5 of the matches to be eligible for the prize. Biggest possible night will be determined by highest score possible. If your team is on a BYE than next week stats will count for your team. Due to Thursday team dropping out we will be doing several bonus winners. All prizes are paid out at the completion of every session to your team captain! Congratulations to all winners!

Wednesday biggest improvement winner-$25-Andy Wilson-Beerdom & Billiards

Thursday biggest improvement winner-$25-Rob Tanner-As low as it gets

Thursday biggest improvement winner-$25-Michael Paugh-Better late than never

Thursday biggest possible night winner-$25-Art Smith-As low as it gets

Thursday biggest possible night winner-$25-Jason Auburger-As low as it gets


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