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Welcome to BCAPL of Maryland
Saturday, October 23 2021 @ 11:09 PM EDT

Welcome to BCAPL of Maryland pool league. The local league BCAPL of Maryland was established in May of 2010. The purpose of BCAPL of Maryland league was to give players an opportunity to have a fun, enjoyable time while competing against fellow pool player enthusiast. I have enjoyed many years of playing in the Billiard Congress of America pool league. I wanted an opportunity to show other players that there is a great pool league available to participate in. I have created this league from many years of playing pool and listening to fellow pool players about what they like and dislike about other leagues. I have compiled all of the different suggestions to this pool league to create what all pool players would hopefully like to see. Any player that would like to make a suggestion may go to www.BCAPLofMaryland.com and click on the suggestion tab and email me directly. The League Operator listens to all players and suggestions and will make decisions and changes that are needed to have a successful League. I recommend all players to review all the Bylaws and rules set forth on this website. That way you all have an understanding of the rules and how we operate. A couple of questions you might have about this handicapped league. Each player is required to be a BCAPL member for the current pool league year with every BCA league he/she plays in.. Memberships need to be renewed January 1st every year and cost $20.00 per person. Weekly dues for 5-8 person teams is $40.00 per team plus any greens fees set forth by the Taverns. Weekly dues for 3-6 person mini teams is $30.00 per team plus any greens fees set for by the Taverns. Weekly dues for Singles leagues is $8.00 per person plus any greens fees set for by the Taverns. We operate 3 sessions per year all 14 weeks long with a start time for 8-Ball at 7pm for 1 table and 7:30 pm for 2 tables. 9-Ball has a start time of 7:30pm on 1 table. We currently have 8-Ball leagues running on Wednesday and Thursday nights which are Money and Vegas leagues. I hope this answered some of your questions and if not please review the Bylaws, Payouts and rules on the website. Before every session I hold a new player orientation to familiarize all players with each other and how everything works. If you still have a question please select the link under Contact drop down tab and email me. Currently taking request and sign ups for all sessions. So do not wait any more come see for yourself what you have been missing and why we are a better pool league!

You may also call me at 443-745-4959 Tim/League Operator

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