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Welcome to BCAPL of Maryland
Sunday, May 19 2019 @ 09:54 PM EDT

All winners are subject to BCAPL of Maryland local Bylaws and BCAPL rules!

All winners will be paid at the completion of each session except money being held for the Yearly playoffs for Tier 1 teams only!

All money won is shown by the team not the individuals!

2019 Winners Session 1     2019 Winners Session 1
Wednesday       Thursday    
8 Bad Habits-$400.00     Here for the Beer-$600.00
Beerdom & Billiards-$317.00     "As low as it gets"-$475.00
Straight Shooters-$242.00     Better late than never?-$350.00
Redemption 2-$167.00     The Unit-$300.00  
Regulator's-$150.00     A Lost Cause-$250.00
"Are you kidding me??"-$75.00   Robbie's Roughneck's-$175.00
Traveling Circus-$25.00     Boxcar Express-$150.00
        Who's Up-$100.00  
2018 Yearly Playoff's-April 13-14, 2019      
1st Place-$5,000.00-A Lost Cause          
2nd Place-$2,700.00-Redemption           
2018 Winners Session 3     2018 Winners Session 3
Wednesday       Thursday    
Straight Shooters-$400.00     Redemption-$600.00
Redemption 2-$334.00     Robbie's Roughneck's-$450.00
Beerdom & Billiards-$242.00     Dead Shots-$450.00
8 Bad Habits-$225.00     Misfits-$250.00  
"Are you kidding me??"-$100.00   Here for the Beer-$225.00
Regulator's-$50.00     Who's Up-$150.00  
Traveling Circus-$25.00     Better late than never?-$125.00
        A Lost Cause-$100.00
        Boxcar Express-$75.00
        The Unit-$25.00  
2018 Winners Session 2     2018 Winners Session 2
Wednesday       Thursday    
Redemption 2-$425.00     Better Late Than Never-$625.00
8 Bad Habits-$300.00     Here for the Beer-$475.00
Straight Shooters-$300.00     Redemption-$350.00
Traveling Circus-$175.00     Purple Pain "Ravens"-$250.00
Regulators-$100.00     Heart Breakers-$225.00
"Are you kidding me??"-$50.00   Misfits-$175    
Beerdom, Bourbon & Billiards-$25.00 A Lost Cause-$150.00
        Robbie's Roughnecks-$125.00
        Who's Up-$75.00  
        The Unit-$75.00  
        Boxcar Express-$25.00

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