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BCAPL of Maryland-Bylaws

Table of Contents

1.      Introduction/League Operator

2.      Contacting the League Operator

3.      Player responsibilities/Conduct

4.      Division Representative and Assistant Responsibilities

5.      Membership Information/Dues/Photo’s

6.      Classification of a Division/Team

7.      Sessions/Schedules

8.      Start time/Continuous play

9.      Weather/Reschedule matches

10.  Teams that Join late/Byes

11.  Adding/Dropping/Rosters

12.  Ghosting/Time outs/Breaks

13.  Scoring / Score sheet / Subbing

14.  Playoffs

15.  Bonus point and Forfeits

16.  Handicap/Review

17.  Payout/Prizes

18.  Standings



1.        Introduction/League Operator

The BCA pool league was started by the Billiard Congress of America in 1978. BCA was sold to Cue sports International in 2004. The local league BCAPL of Maryland was established in May of 2010. The purpose of BCAPL of Maryland league was to give players an opportunity to have a fun, enjoyable time while competing against fellow pool player enthusiasts. I have enjoyed many years of playing in the Billiard Congress of America pool league. I wanted an opportunity to show other players that there is a great pool league available to participate in. I created this league from many years of playing pool and listening to fellow pool players about what they like and dislike about other leagues. I have compiled all of the different suggestions to this pool league to create what all pool players would hopefully like to see. Any player that would like to make a suggestion may go to www.BCAPLofMaryland.com and click on the suggestion tab and email me directly. All suggestions will be reviewed and any necessary changes will occur. Before every session all captains will meet to discuss any issues and come to a resolution to insure the success of the league and to make sure we are satisfying the player’s needs. The League Operator listens to all players suggestions and will make decisions and changes that are needed to have a successful league. All of this is to help and create a pool League that everybody enjoys playing in.


2.        Contacting the League Operator

If a question arises please review the bylaws and rules set forth on the website. If after reviewing all information you need further clarification email the League Operator at bcaplofmaryland@gmail.com.  Whenever you must contact the league operator please include in your email along with the following: division information, night of play, location, names, phone number and explain the question/situation.

3.        Player responsibilities/Conduct

A.       It is the player’s responsibility to read and understand all of BCAPL of Maryland General Bylaws, BCAPL rules and the Specific game rules they are playing. If you do not understand something contact your Captain, Division Reps and last League Operator.

B.       Pay all weekly dues responsible for on time. This also includes the $25 yearly membership fee which is due the first week of play.

C.       All players are expected to respect and adhere to all BCAPL rules, Bylaws, Bars rules and other players/patrons!

D.       When a referee is present you must abide by all of their rulings. This includes a player nominated to be acting referee.

E.        Must have a valid picture I.D. and BCAPL player ID with you during match play. Failure to show I.D. and BCAPL ID if requested will result in not being able to play for the evening.

F.        Any player that is removed or banned from a Tavern may not return without the Taverns permission. Subject to league dismissal!

G.       If a player is removed during a match then you may sub a player in and re-rack the balls. If no sub is available then you will forfeit their turn (15 minutes will be allowed to get a player before the match is a forfeit).

H.       Any player that does not respect the bar, patrons, players and the league may be banned from the league.

I.         If a player is banned from BCAPL of Maryland then BCA will be contacted and the player will be banned from BCA and any BCA tournaments.

J.         If a player is banned from BCAPL of Maryland then any money earned will be forfeited.

K.       If a player feels the banning is unfair they may email the League Operator at BCAPLofMaryland@gmail.com with all information pertaining to the situation. Details, names and phone numbers of parties involved will help in determining if the banning will be reversed. Allow 2-4 weeks for review. Until the outcome has been determined the suspected player/s is not allowed to play!

L.        If you would like to report a player for any reason you may contact the League operator at BCAPLofMaryland@gmail.com. Please include details, names and phone numbers.

M.     Smoking will not be tolerated in any pool establishment and if any establishment does not comply with this Maryland law we will not continue shooting pool at that location!

N.       If a location has been deemed unsafe by the League Operator and the Division Representatives we will not allow any team to play in that designated area until the area has been agreed upon that it has improved.


4.        Division Representative and Assistant Responsibilities

A.       Division Representative and the Assistant are representing all the players/teams in the division. Along with becoming a neutral decision maker for other respected Divisions.

B.       Must attend the division team captain meeting before each session starts

C.       Must attend the league of Representatives meeting before each division meeting.

D.       Address any minor issues that may arise in their division.

E.        Contact the League Operator with any major immediate issues to resolve.

F.        All Division Representatives may be asked to referee during the playoffs for any match except there own.

G.       Division Representative and Assistant must not play on the same team.

H.       Division Representative and Assistant must be familure with all BCA rules and BCAPL of Maryland bylaws.

I.         Promote the League to grow!


5.        Membership Information/Dues/Photo’s

A.       All BCAPL of Maryland players agree to all of our local rules and Bylaws including BCAPL national rules when they become a BCAPL of Maryland member.

B.       When you become a BCAPL of Maryland member you agree to allow us to use appropriate photo’s of BCAPL events as advertising on our website. Any players that wish to have photo’s removed from the website must contact the League Operator. All requests will be handled in a timely matter.

C.       Membership forms must be filled out completely and legible the first night of play. Failure will result in loss of bonus points!

D.       Must enclose the $25.00 fee for the BCA membership the first night of play, which includes the $5.00 fee for administrative costs.

E.        BCA membership runs from January 1st till December 31st effective 2019.

F.        You will receive your any souvenirs from BCA at the next Captains meeting.

G.       If a player even plays one game they must be a BCA member.

H.       Only one membership is needed for all BCA games within the same league. Example 8 or 9 Ball, 14.1, Scotch doubles, Singles, Teams, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc… As long as it is the same league. Each league BCA requires you to have a membership

I.         Return check fee is $25.00 per occurrence

J.       If any establishment charges for table use or greens fees those fees are paid directly to the establishment charging the fee and is above and beyond any weekly fees due!

K.        Weekly Dues are as follows:

1.        8-Ball & 9-Ball singles is $8 (14 weeks paid in 3 installments on weeks 1,4&8)

2.        8 & 9 Ball singles combined is $16 (14 weeks paid in 3 installments on weeks 1,4&8)

3.        8-Ball & 9-Ball 3-6 player mini teams is $30 weekly

4.        8-Ball & 9-Ball 5-8 player teams is $40 weekly


6.        Classification of a Division/Team

A.       Singles play will consist of 6 to 45 players. 46+ players will split to 2 divisions.

B.       For team play a division will consist of 6-15 teams. 16+ teams will split to 2 divisions.

C.       Every attempt will be made to have the same geographic playing area.

D.       Singles leagues will consist of one player per team playing 9 games each week. Except 8/9 combined will play 9 games of 8-Ball & 9 games of 9-Ball each week.

E.        8-Ball & 9-Ball Mini teams must have a minimum of 3 players and not more than 6 players on a roster. Each week will play 3 against 3 with a total of 9 games each for a total of 27 matches each week.

F.        8-Ball & 9-Ball teams must have a minimum of 5 players and not more than 8 players on a roster. Each week will play 5 against. 9-Ball will play a total of 9 games each for a total of 45 matches each week. 8-Ball will play 5 games each for a total of 25 matches each week.

G.       Each team must select a Captain

H.       Each division will only play on one night each week.

I.         For divisions of 5-8 players a team with 5 or more new players will be considered a new team.


7.        Sessions/Schedules

A.       We run 3 sessions yearly all for 14 weeks.

B.       Breaks in between sessions are usually 2 weeks except after the summer session we take an extended break till September.

C.       We will attempt to not play pool the week of BCAPL team’s pool tournament in Vegas, Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving & eve, the week of Christmas and New Years eve/day.

D.       At the start of each session each team will receive a schedule for that session. Please make copies and hand out to all team members.

E.        The schedule may be revised at any time to adjust for teams adding and or dropping, conflicts with other leagues and any number of unforeseen circumstances. Any changes will be posted on the website and Captains notified of the change immediately.


F.        Every attempt is made before hand to supply all team captains with a schedule with no changes. In order to supply a schedule without changes all Captains should make every effort to give accurate information in a timely matter which includes any issues with tables or anything else that should be passed on before the session deadline for signups.

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