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8.        Start time/Continuous play

A.       Respect the start time of a match. 7:00pm 1 Table & 7:30pm 2 Tables. 15 minute grace period allowed only if needed! Singles play will be determined by the number of players and tables and can vary between 7pm, 8pm & 9pm.

B.       If a player’s turn comes up and they are not ready they will receive one 5 minute grace period. If at the end of 5 minutes the player has not started play the game will be a forfeit. Player must be present at bar for this rule to apply.

C.       Once play has started play must continue without stopping.

D.       In the event the other team is not present for their match the team that is present must try and contact the other Captain before leaving. Sometimes there is a mix up with the schedule. If this occurs you must allow the team 20 minutes to get to the correct location.

E.        If a team has 5 players ready at 7:30pm you must start and not wait for a specific player to arrive. Start time is 7:30!


9.        Weather/Reschedule matches

A.       If we have inclement weather in the area you must first use your own judgment before proceeding to scheduled play. BCAPL of Maryland would first like to make sure all of their players are safe. If unable to attend contact your Captain and inform him/her of the situation.

B.       If a team must cancel you must allow a makeup. No forfeits due to weather conditions!

C.       The League Operator or the Division Representative will decide by 5pm and contact the Team captains and update the home page on the website if matches are canceled.

D.       In the event the league suspends matches the league will reschedule the canceled matches at a later date and inform all teams of when they will take place.

E.        If you must cancel a match then the Captain must contact the opposing team captain the day before scheduled match play. Only the League Operator has the authority to allow you to reschedule a match on the day of your scheduled match for an emergency.

F.        If you are unable to contact the Captain you must contact your Division Rep.

G.       Failure to contact the Captain and the Division Rep. will result in a forfeit!

H.       Makeup matches should be held at the original location of the match.

I.         Makeup matches will be played at the Fargo handicap the player is rated at the time of the makeup match and not the cancelled date.

J.         If a makeup match is needed then both Captains will discuss at the time of cancelation when the makeup match will occur.

K.       The Division Representative must be contacted within 24 hours about when the makeup match will occur.

L.        If Captains do not contact the Division Representative within 24 hours. The makeup match will be set for the next time the home team plays home again. If on the last two weeks of a session the League Operator will select when the makeup match will occur.

M.     If one or both teams do not show to the makeup match then the match will be considered a forfeit by whoever doesn’t show.

N.       No makeup matches will be allowed the last two weeks of the session. Failure to make up your match prior to the last two weeks of play will result in a forfeit.

O.       When a player/Team cancels a match it is their responsibility to contact the player/Team to reschedule the match. Failure to contact the opposing player/team will result in a forfeit.

P.       Singles play only-If a player forfeits then the opponent will receive BYE points for the forfeit.

Q.       If both teams are unable to agree on a makeup date and time you must contact the League Operator and the date and time will be selected for you.

R.       The Team captains will contact all of the players on their team.

S.        Captain must first contact the League Operator or the Division Representative and cancel. After which it becomes their responsibility to determine when the makeup date will be and notify Division Representative. (See makeup matches)


10.        Teams that Join late/Byes

A.       Singles/Teams may join up to 4 weeks into the session.

B.       Teams that join in late will be responsible for all the weekly dues missed.

C.       Singles and teams that join late, I will first try to accommodate makeup matches missed. If this is not able to be done the player will receive their designated points for each specific game for each week missed.

                                                           1.      8-Ball singles league-40

                                                           2.      9-Ball singles leagues-6

                                                           3.      8-Ball & 8-Ball combined singles league-46

                                                           4.      8-Ball mini teams 3-6 players-100

                                                           5.      9-Ball mini teams 3-6 players-18

                                                           6.      8-Ball teams 5-8 players-200

                                                           7.      9-Ball teams 5-8 players-100

D.       There will be no fees associated with a bye except if a team drops after the session started and results in a BYE.

E.        All BYE points already include the bonus points for turning paperwork and money in on time. If you are required to pay for a BYE and do not turn in the dues for your bye week you will lose the bonus points for that week. This fee can be paid the previous week of the BYE or the week after

F.        Bye points will be worth:

1.        8-Ball singles league-92

2.        9-Ball singles leagues-58

3.        8-Ball & 8-Ball combined singles league-150

4.        8-Ball mini teams 3-6 players-276

5.        9-Ball mini teams 3-6 players-174

6.        8-Ball teams 5-8 players-280

7.        9-Ball teams 5-8 players-162

11.        Adding/Dropping/Rosters

A.       Each team may add or drop players as many times as necessary the first 4 weeks of play. Reminder any player that plays 1 game must be a BCA member and turn in membership form and dues owed.

B.       If a team picks up a player after week 4 without permission then all the games that person played will be forfeits.

C.       If team participation fails and you must pickup players to keep the team going you must contact the Division Representative and/or League Operator for authorization to add players. If granted permission the max roster cannot exceed 6 players for the remainder of the session.

D.       If a team has been granted permission to pickup players after 4 weeks, then the Captains in that division will be notified.

E.        Any player/team that drops out of the league will forfeit any and all money earned including playoffs contention.

F.        All rosters will be locked Friday noon after week 4 has been completed!

G.       If any team drops during the session than all matches previously played and forfeits against the team that dropped will be changed to the BYE points associated with the game you are playing!

H.       All teams that drop out during the session will take a last place finish position and it will not count as 1 of the 2 sessions for the year required!

I.         All teams that drop out during the session are required to pay for the entire session! All money owed for the session will be divided by each player on the roster. Each player is then responsible for their share of the dues before they will be allowed to return to the league. All money collected from teams dropping will first go towards dues owed. In the event other teams filled in the hole the money will be placed back into the league yearly in a way decided by the League Operator. (Prize’s, winnings, etc.)


12.        Ghosting/Time Outs/Breaks

A.       Ghosting is when you do not have a adequate amount of players that night and you use one of your players to fill the last roster spot.(Ghosting is a privilege so you don’t forfeit, so don’t abuse it)!

B.       You must inform the other team before a round starts that you will be ghosting.

C.       You may only ghost 1 roster position each night.

D.       Ghosting limits allowed for each session are as follows:

                                                           1.      Ghosting does not apply to any 8 or 9 Ball singles leagues

                                                           2.      8-Ball mini teams 3-6 players-27 games per session except summer session is 54 games

                                                           3.      9-Ball mini teams 3-6 players-27 games per session except summer session is 54 games

                                                           4.      8-Ball teams 5-8 players-15 games per session except summer session is 30 games

                                                           5.      9-Ball teams 5-8 players-30 games per session except summer session is 60 games

G.       If you ghost more then what you are allowed then those games will be considered a forfeit.

H.       The opposing team will select before each round which player will play as the ghost. (Not the team ghosting)

I.         If the player arrives they may only sub in for the ghost before the round starts

J.         When determining the handicap for the ghost spot you will use the same handicap that the player playing as the ghost is rated.

K.       There is no ghosting allowed in the playoffs.

L.        No time outs allowed in Singles play!

M.     Each match is allowed 1 time out. If a time out is called after one has already been used it will result in a Foul!

N.       All time outs are limited to 1 minute.

O.       Only one person is allowed to speak to the shooter. If additional members want to assist they may only talk to the coach when the shooter goes to the opposite side of the table.

P.       During a time out only the shooter is allowed to place the cue ball or hold the players stick. If anybody other then the shooter places the cue ball or holds the players stick it is a foul!

Q.       All players are allowed 1-5 minute break for the night if needed.


R.       All teams are still responsible for the team’s weekly dues regardless of using a ghost.

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