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13.        Scoring/Score Sheet/Subbing

A.       Home team will always put up their roster first. There is no particular order to set your rosters.

B.       In 8-Ball you will receive 10 points for wining plus 1 point for every ball your opponent still has on the table. Winner can receive a maximum of 17 points. The losing player will receive 1 point for each of their balls pocketed regardless of who made the balls. Example: You won the game and your opponent had three balls left on the table. Your score would be a 13. Your opponent would receive a 4.

C.       In 8-ball at the end of each round you will add up all of your points for that round plus any handicap points. Whichever team has more points wins the round. Tie breaker is 3 wins or more for the round.

D.       In 9-Ball at the end of each game the winner will receive 2 points for the 9 and 1 point for any additional balls pocketed and the losing player will receive 1 point for every ball they pocket. All balls pocketed illegally will not count towards either player. They will be considered dead balls.

E.        At the end of the night you will total up all players on your team plus any handicap. Then add up all the players on the opposing team plus any handicap. Whichever team has more points will win the match for the night.

F.        At the end of the night there is a spot to select a GSA (Good Sportsmanship Award). Please make a selection from the opposing team of whom you feel should be the GSA for the night (Teams play only). GSA selection can be whatever you feel deserved it. WB=GSA

G.       When a player has a break and run you must indicate in the little box next to the game score with the code BR. This only goes on the winning player’s side.

H.       When a player has a rack and run you must indicate in the little box next to the game score with the code TR. This only goes on the winning player’s side.

I.         When a player makes the 9 ball on the break indicate ON in the box for 9 on the break. You will spot the 9-Ball and continue shooting. No points for 9 on the break.

J.         When a player has a game they win 17-0 indicate in the small box next to the game score with WZ. (8-Ball only)

K.       Both score sheets should look the same except for GSA player selection (Does not apply to singles).

L.        At the completion of the match both Captains must sign at the bottom of the score sheet indicating they both agree. If you have a discrepancy and are unable to come to an agreement please indicate which game/games there is an issue with and please explain on the back of the score sheet. I will review the discrepancy and make any adjustments I decide appropriate.

M.     If you decide to sub a player you must inform the other team before the round starts.

N.       When subbing a player in you must indicate which player played what games on the score sheet.

O.       You may not put a player that was removed from match play back into the lineup after removed.

P.       Can sub a position as many times as you like

Q.       Home team roster will always stay in order. The visiting team will rotate each round that plays 1st through 5th.The location of where you write in each person’s score indicates which player is playing who. Also right above that is a very small B that indicates who will break.

R.       All changes to lineup must be made prior to a round starting. A round has been declared started once the first game has been broken!


14.        Playoffs

A.       Eligible players for the playoffs must be on the active roster of the 3rd session to be considered on the team!

B.       You must not have any outstanding debts. If any debts are owed you will not be part of the playoff’s including any prize money!

C.       You must be in good standing with the league and BCAPL.

D.       Ranking of all teams for playoffs will be as follows. All teams will be ranked from 1st to last for the entire league that qualified. End of session finish position for all three sessions. Tie breaker will be average total points then average total wins will break a tie again if needed. All three sessions are used in the ranking of teams.

E.        If a bye is needed the byes will start out with the team that is ranked 1st then 2nd and so on till the byes are gone. Only teams that played all 3 sessions are eligible for a BYE.

F.        Teams that only play 2 sessions will be filled in for the ranking of the playoffs after all teams that played 3 sessions.

G.       Teams that play 3 sessions will get a 1 position bump for overall standings to try and qualify for the playoffs and rankings.

H.       The playoffs location, date will be determined by the start of the 3rd session. The times and exact payout will be determined after the completion of the 3rd session. 8-Ball teams 5-8 players will be the first weekend in the New Year after January 2nd. In the event of bad weather the playoffs will be moved to the following weekend and so on until completed!

I.         If you play in two divisions or more and more than one team is playing in the playoffs, you must only play on one team at a time. It is your team’s responsibility to have an adequate amount of players to set full rosters. If both teams meet in the playoffs then the players playing on both teams will not be allowed to play. Match may have to be manipulated to allow 2 on 2, 3 on 3 or 4 on 4...

J.         There is no ghosting allowed in the playoffs.

K.       A player’s handicap will be the highest of all 3 session in the playoffs for the calendar year.

L.        All playoff games are single elimination!

M.     To be eligible to compete in the playoffs your team must have played in at least 2 out of 3 sessions for the year and have an average finish position in the top 50%. Bottom 50% does not qualify. New teams that join in the fall session will be unable to qualify for the yearly playoffs due to not being able to meet the 2 session requirement.

N.       All players must meet BCAPL minimum weeks needed to be able to play in any BCAPL pool tournament worldwide. This also is the same standards BCAPL of Maryland requires of its players to be eligible to compete in any league tournaments/Playoffs. You must perform all of the following in 1 out of 3 sessions for the current league year.

                                                           1.      Play 8 full weeks in one session

                                                           2.      Must qualify with 8 full weeks for each division you are playing in (League requirement).

                                                           3.      You must re-qualify each and every new BCAPL sanctioned year and BCAPL of Maryland year.

                                                           4.      If an existing established player or new player decides to change or add teams they must re-qualify with the new team by getting 8 full weeks of play in one session to be eligible to play in the playoffs.

B.       If a team changes 5 or more players then all old standings for that team will be eliminated and the team must re-qualify for playoffs.

C.       Winning playoff singles/teams leagues of the Vegas trip must enter their respected class they played in and won during the playoffs. Failure to not enter in the correct class will result in only receiving half the prize fund.

O.       If a team drops during the session they will receive a last place finish for that session and that session is not allowed to be used as 1 of the 2 out of 3 sessions needed to qualify for Vegas.

P.       The winner of a match will be decided by whichever team/player has more total points. If there is a tie in points then the tie breaker will be whichever team has more rounds won. Reminder overall points is also a round! If we still have a tie than the team with the most games won will be the winner.

Q.       Players will be racking the balls for themselves when they are breaking. If the opponent does not like the rack then the breaking player will re-rack the balls 1 time. If the opponent still does not like the rack then a referee will rack the balls 1 time. Both players must accept the rack from the referee.

R.       No practicing when match play starts from all players on the team’s roster. 1st offense will be a warning 2nd will be loss of game for all team games in progress (17-0).

S.        You must summons a referee to the table by asking play be stopped and you must ask the referee for assistance. Both players must stop play until the referee gets to the table and tells you to resume play.

T.        When a referee is at the table he/she will make all calls.

U.       Each team will select one player to represent their team and the two players will lag for the option of being home/away.


15.        Bonus point and Forfeits

A.       If a player/team loses points from not receiving the bonus points it will be noted how many points lost on the weekly update of the website under the standings tab. You must deduct those points from the standings to determine your current position.

B.       Each team is capable of receiving bonus points each week by completing all of these items correctly, (Score sheet, Roster, Membership forms week 1 with all dues included). Paperwork must be turned in by noon the day after match play to the designated drop locations. As long as everything is turned in as described above each team that complies will receive the associated points awarded weekly in the amount of:

                                                              1.      8-Ball singles league-20

                                                              2.      9-Ball singles leagues-2

                                                              3.      8-Ball & 8-Ball combined singles league-30

                                                              4.      8-Ball mini teams 3-6 players-50

                                                              5.      9-Ball mini teams 3-6 players-5

                                                              6.      8-Ball teams 5-8 players-50

                                                              7.      9-Ball teams 5-8 players-20

C.       If a team does not comply with the bonus point rule and losses the bonus points, you are unable to get them back!

D.       If a team is not present when scheduled match play is to take place it is a forfeit. You must contact the other captain and the league operator first to make sure they just did not go to the wrong location.

E.        You must write forfeit on the score sheet and enclose the weekly dues

F.        If the opposing team does not have an adequate amount of players they may forfeit the missing positions. They do not have to forfeit all positions.

G.       If a team decides to forfeit positions then you will eliminate the highest handicap for each of the missing players till each team has the same amount of players. Then you will add up both teams’ handicaps and calculate the handicap difference.

H.       In 8-Ball and 9-Ball the team that forfeited will receive 0 points for all positions not present on the score sheet. For the team present and ready to play will receive perfect scores for all matches they do not have an opponent. In the event an entire 8-Ball team forfeits the points will be 280 plus a possible 50 bonus points.

I.         Make sure you indicate with a WF in the small box if a forfeit occurs.

J.         In singles matches only the forfeits will go in as bye points. See singles matches for exact bye points per match.

K.       If a team drops during the session all matches played against that team and any forfeits will be converted to bye points. You are still required to pay your dues for the match/matches if deemed appropriate.

L.        If at any time during a session a team has been declared giving up/Forfeiting on purpose by BOTH Division Reps. or the League Operator then that team will be switched to a bye and the entire session match points against them will be converted to bye points.


16.        Handicap/Review


A.       All handicaps are calculated by BCAPL from your statistics!

B.       BCAPL uses the Fargo rating system. For a detailed explanation to what it is and why it is better search-http://www.fargorate.com/

C.       If a player is thought to be sandbagging you must get on the website and select Contact and then select Report Sandbagging. Please fill out the name/names of players division and your name.

D.       If a player receives complaints by 2/3rd's of the teams or more in their division then that player will go up to what the League Operator feels is a more accurate handicap and warned if it happens again they will be removed from the BCAPL of Maryland and BCA contacted. If a player is expelled from the League they will forfeit all money and opportunity to play in the playoffs.

E.        If a player feels the handicap change is not correct they may appeal the decision to the League Operator by email. Select contact League Operator under contact tab and fill out email and send.

F.        All reviews will take about 2-4 weeks. If expelled from the league you may not play until the final decision has been reached.

G.       All captains are recommended to email the League Operator if they feel any players handicaps need to be reviewed by the review board. This could be a complaint with both a low and a high handicap. Before every session the player review board will meet and discuss individual player handicaps and make adjustments if deemed necessary. A player’s handicap will only be reviewed 1 time a year. Email must include player name, reason for review. The more detail for the reason why the review the better.

H.       Handicap and Sandbagging-I want to make sure that this league stays the way it was meant to be. No Sandbagging! I have a computer that is monitoring all players handicap and will inform me if players are shooting below their handicap most likely on purpose. I also have several unknown players in the league that monitor players for sandbagging along with Division Representatives. We also have all Captains that can report any player suspected of sandbagging. I will also be monitoring all players in the playoffs and if I feel they have been sandbagging I will move them up to what I feel they have showed they can shoot. That change will be retroactive back to the beginning of that match. I have a 0 tolerance to sandbagging and feel all you are doing is stealing from your opponents!

I.         Fargo handicap will consist of 3 parts. Fargo handicap=Current handicap playing at, Robustness=how many games played, Starter handicap is what handicap you started at but will not go towards the Fargo handicap once you hit 200 games Robustness.



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