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17.        Payout and prizes

A.       Any team or player that does not comply with BCAPL of Maryland rules will forfeit any and all money!

B.       At the completion of every session every team that played and finished the session will be paid a predetermined amount from the payout chart under the Information tab.

C.       All money won in the league during the session will be paid out at the completion of each and every session to the Team Captain. All Captains will be contacted with about 2-3 weeks remaining in the session for them to inform the league if they would like a check or to place winnings as a credit for future use. No response will result in a credit placed for future use. Any money won in the playoffs will be paid out at the completion of the playoffs except ½ Vegas winnings. The team captain is responsible for distributing the money won to all team players.

D.       There will be at least two opportunities to win a prize each session with a value of $25.00. Rules will be posted on the website for all to see when the time comes. The league operator will decide what the prize will be.

E.        The player each session that has the most combined break and runs, rack and runs and win zips-(8-Ball) will receive $50.00.

F.        All 3 sessions there will be a Good Sportsmanship Award winner selected from all players. That player will receive $50.00.

G.       The teams with an average finish for all 3 sessions in the top 50% for their division of all teams will play in the playoffs.

H.       The teams with an average finish for all 3 sessions in the bottom 50% of all teams in division will not qualify for the playoffs.

I.         The prize money for the playoffs will be determined by the number of teams in the league. More teams mean more money to win and more teams also mean more Vegas trips. Due to the number of teams coming in and going out it is hard to determine the exact payout for all positions. Therefore all payout money will be determined after the 3rd session is over. Example of possible payout see chart under the Information tab.

J.         The 8-Ball & 9-Ball Playoffs will be for a pre determined amount of money to book your team’s trip to Las Vegas to compete in the BCAPL world pool team tournament. Example-If we have $12,000.00 for the playoffs we will max out the top paying spot at $5,000.00 than 2nd place will max at $5,000.00 and 3rd will get $2,000.00. The money will continue until all money has been accounted for. Max any position will pay is $5,000.00!

K.       The 8 & 9-Ball singles playoffs will be for a pre determined amount of money to book your trip to Las Vegas to compete in the BCAPL world pool tournament. The total money playing for will be determined at the completion of the 3rd session. This includes airfare for 1 player for 3 nights, hotel accommodations for 1 player, and entry to the BCAPL 8 or 9-Ball singles tournament with a chance to win money from BCAPL.

L.        Winning playoff singles/teams leagues of the Vegas trip must enter their respected class they played in and won during the playoffs. Failure to not enter in the correct class will result in only receiving half the prize fund.

M.     ALL the teams that win the $5,000.00 Vegas prize will receive $2,500.00 at the completion of the playoffs instead of $5,000.00. Once the team books all airfare, entry fee & hotel accommodations they will need to show all of it to the League Operator for proof going to Vegas to compete in the BCAPL tournament for that year. Once they show proof the team captain will receive the second $2,500.00. If the team wins the $5,000.00 prize and decides not to go then they will forfeit the second $2,500.00. They will be allowed to keep the first $2,500.00 only! In the event a team decides not to go to Vegas I will offer the $2,500.00 to the next permanent placed team that did not win $5,000.00 to go to Vegas. Maximum prize fund winnings cannot exceed $5,000.00. In the event the offered teams decline to go to Vegas and or I cannot determine the next permanent placed team all money will be transferred to the following years playoffs!

N.       The Team/Teams that win the Vegas trip need to know. BCA only has 3-6 person teams competing in Vegas and therefore to accommodate our 5-8 person 9-Ball league we will send 1 team if the roster has 3-6 players. If a team has 7-8 players going to Vegas we will send two teams and the players will set the two rosters accordingly.

O.       Additional prizes could be listed to win at any time by Sponsors.

P.       Any player that brings me a new team will receive $50.00 once they fulfill their requirements.

1. Play 1 full session and stay in good standings with the league.

2. Consist of at least 5 new players or more that have not played with BCAPL of Maryland before.

3. Player must inform me at initial point of contact that they were refereed by xyz.

18.        Standings

A.       All teams will be ranked from first to last by whichever team has more total points.

B.       If a tie occurs the tie breaker will be whichever team has more round wins.

C.       If still have a tie the tie breaker will be whichever team has more team game wins.

D.       If a team drops during the session they will receive a last place finish for that session and that session is not allowed to be used as 1 of the 2 out of 3 sessions needed to qualify for Vegas



If you need any clarification of any of our bylaws/rules please email me with any question to bcaplofmaryland@gmail.com

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